Exciting news, natural hair enthusiasts! We're thrilled to unveil our brand-new Wash Day Page, your ultimate destination for a haircare journey like no other. Discover the art of nurturing your natural locks from start to finish with I'Chiree guidance, herbal infusions, and must-have checklists. Are you ready to elevate your wash day routine and let your hair shine its brightest? 

Prep Your Hair for Success:
 1. Section Your Hair: Begin by dividing your hair into manageable sections. This makes the entire process smoother and minimizes tangles.
 2 . Detangle Gently: Starting from the tips, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair. Work your way up to the roots to prevent breakage.
 3. Ayurvedic Herb Infusion: Select your Ayurvedic herbs and soak them in Aloe Vera juice overnight. This infusion will be the foundation of your wash day routine. (This step (3) should be done the night before)
 4. Create an Herbal Mist: The next day,strain the herbal-infused Aloe Vera juice and mix in your choice of essential oils for a refreshing hair mist. This mist will add moisture and vitality to your hair.

Hot Oil Treatment/ Deep Conditioner Preparation:
 5. Hot Oil Elixir: Choose your preferred Ayurvedic herbal oil and warm it slightly. Apply this warm oil to your scalp and hair for a nourishing pre-poo treatment. Allow to sit for 30-45 minutes.
 6. Egg & Banana Mix: Blend/Mix together an egg, mayo, banana, conditioner and your choice of Ayurvedic herbal oil for a deep conditioning pre-poo mask. This rich mixture will strengthen, soften your locks and rejuvenate your strands. (Use in Step #11)
 Shampooing Steps:
 7. Wet Your Hair: Thoroughly saturate your hair with warm water to open the hair cuticles and prepare it for shampooing.
 8. Choose Your Shampoo: Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo that suits your hair type and concerns. Apply it evenly, focusing on your scalp. I'Chiree recommend Biolage. They use natural ingredients!
 9. Gentle Massage: Use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp in circular motions. This boosts circulation and promotes hair growth.
 10. Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure you rinse out all the shampoo completely to prevent product buildup.
 Deep Conditioning Delight:
 11. Apply Deep Conditioner: Generously apply a deep conditioner to your hair, concentrating on the lengths and ends. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it evenly.
 12. Heat Therapy (Optional): For an extra moisture boost, use a steamer for 30 -1 hour to enhance the conditioning process.
 13. Rinse with Cool Water: After deep conditioning, rinse your hair with cool water to seal the hair cuticles and lock in moisture.
 Post-Conditioning Moisture:
14. Leave-In Conditioner: Apply a leave-in conditioner to your damp hair to keep it moisturized throughout the day.
 15. Seal with Oil: Lock in the moisture by applying a lightweight natural oil to the ends of your hair. This prevents split ends and adds shine.
Drying Your Hair:
 16. Air Dry: Allow your hair to air dry for minimal heat damage. For defined curls, avoid touching your hair while it dries.
 17. Blow Dry (Low Heat): If you need to speed up the drying process, use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer and keep the heat on a low setting.
 Styling Options:
 18. Protective Styles: Opt for protective styles like braids, twists, or buns to reduce manipulation and promote hair growth.
 19.Twist-Outs or Bantu Knots: Create twist-outs or bantu knots for beautiful, defined curls. Use a styling cream or gel to set the style.

 Nighttime Haircare:
 20. Silk Pillowcase or Bonnet: Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase or wear a silk bonnet to minimize friction and preserve your hairstyle.
 21. Pineapple Method: If you have longer hair, gather it into a loose, high ponytail on top of your head to protect your curls while you sleep.


Maintaining Scalp Health:
 22. Regular Scalp Massage: Dedicate a few minutes each day to massage your scalp. This encourages blood flow and healthy hair growth.
 23. Scalp Oil Treatment: Apply a few drops of your favorite I'Chiree natural oil to your scalp and massage it in to maintain scalp health.
 24. Hydration and Nutrition: Stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to support overall hair health and growth.


With these step-by-step tips and ideas, your wash day routine becomes a comprehensive and nourishing experience for your natural hair. Enjoy the journey to healthy, vibrant locks! Visit our Tips and Ideas page HERE

Your journey begins the night before wash day. Take your chosen Ayurvedic herbs and soak them in Aloe Vera juice to create a magical hair mist. This mist will be your secret weapon, and here's how to make it even more amazing: Visit our CEO Wash Day Routine HERE: and also our "Curls + Beats" Playlist. A place where you can let your hair sing!