I'Chiree CEO Wash Day



Elevate Your Natural Hair Journey: I'Chiree CEO Personal Wash Day Guide 

Get ready to embark on a haircare adventure like never before! Join us as we unveil the secret sauce to a flawless wash day routine specially designed for I'Chiree CEO/Founder. Trust us; this is more than a routine – it's a celebration of your beautiful locks!

 Preparation: The Night Before

Herbal Infusion Extravaganza: Start the magic by choosing your Ayurvedic herb of the month and soak it in Aloe Vera juice. This concoction is about to become your hair's best friend.

Deep Conditioning Powerhouse: Get ready to create hair heaven! Take your Biolage Conditioner and supercharge it with the same herbal oil from your hot oil treatment, an egg, banana, mayo, and an Ayurvedic herbal powder-infused oil. Yes, that's right, two different oils for double the goodness!

Hot Oil Treatment Preview: Decide which herbal oil will star in your Pre-Poo/Hot Oil Treatment. Gather all your haircare goodies, and you're done for the night. Tomorrow is WASH DAY!

 Wash Day:

The Ayurvedic Elixir: Rise and shine! Gather your Aloe Vera juice and herbs, strain them, and behold the magnificent infused hair mist. But wait, there's more! Add five drops of your favorite essential oils (pick two, because why settle for one?) and a dash of glycerin. Give it a good shake – this is your hair's VIP treatment!

Hot Oil Treatment Extravaganza: Apply your hot oil treatment generously and let it work its magic for 30-45 minutes under a plastic cap. Time for some self-pampering! Rinse off the hot oil treatment and gear up for the cleansing phase. Don't skip this crucial step on your haircare journey!

The Shampoo Adventure: Dive into the Biolage shampoo, chosen for its commitment to natural ingredients, just like our brand, I'Chiree. Wash your hair 2-3 times, adjusting based on your hair's length and condition.

Pro Tip: Minimize breakage and tangles by parting your hair into four sections and working from ends to roots during the shampoo phase.

Deep Conditioning Bliss: After shampooing, apply your herbal-infused deep conditioner to all four sections. Gently massage it into your scalp and hair strands.

Game Changer Alert: Say goodbye to the plastic cap and say hello to a 20-30 minute steam session with your deep conditioner. Trust us; this has transformed hair management for many, including me!

Rinse and Towel Dry: After your steamy session, rinse out the conditioner and towel dry your hair.

The Ayurvedic Mist & Hair Cream Party: Part your hair into four sections again and dive into the ultimate moisture feast! Spray your Ayurvedic herbal-infused Aloe Vera Mist onto your freshly washed hair while giving your scalp and hair strands some loving massage. Apply hair cream to your strands, keeping it away from the scalp.

Pro Tip: For fabulous twist-outs, divide your hair into four big sections and let it air dry.

Styling Magic: The next day, unleash the beauty! Undo the big plaits one by one, using your Hair Mist, Hair Cream, and Hair Butter to create mesmerizing 2-strand twists. You can create however many 2 strands twist you would like. This is your hair, be creative!

Scalp and Strand Affection: Spray your scalp with the Hair Mist and check if any parts or ends need additional oil, cream, or butter.

Lock in the Awesomeness: Leave your hair uncovered for 2-3 hours, letting the oils, creams, and butters work their magic on your hair shaft, strands, and scalp.

 Bonus: Nighttime Haircare Routine

Slay with Silk: Keep your hair royalty status while you sleep. Invest in silk pillows, scarves, and bonnets for that extra regal protection.

This is I’Chiree CEO wash day routine. Click HERE to visit our Hair Care Collection. You can take tips and try whatever suits your hair texture and condition. You're set to take your natural hair to new heights. Get ready for a haircare routine that's as vibrant and dynamic as you are. Thank you for choosing I'Chiree as your partner on this exciting journey.

Here's to your magnificent natural locks!

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